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  • Mastercard Joins Forces with Samsung Pay to Enable Mobile Payments in SA

    Mastercard Joins Forces with Samsung Pay to Enable Mobile Payments in SA

    2018-09-09 [ Industry News ]

    In a move to further expand its efforts to displace cash, stimulate innovation and drive the growth of digital payments in South Africa, Mastercard is working with participating banks to enable Mastercard cardholders to make quick, secure and convenient in-store payments from their mobile devices using Samsung Pay.Samsung Pay, Samsung’s mobile payments service, is a secure and easy-to-use platform that enables users with compatible Samsung Galaxy devices to make contactless mobile payments at contactless-enabled and most traditional point of sale terminals by using Near Field Communication (NF......


  • Hello Kenya ,We are coming!

    Hello Kenya ,We are coming!

    2018-09-08 [ Company News ]

    Overseas market development has always been the company's heavy punch strategy, with excellent product quality, we have provided quality products for overseas gambling industry, utilities, transportation tickets, health insurance, elections, financial services and merchant payment services.UNPOS participated in Seamless, an influential financial industry exhibition in East Africa, which brought together enterprises and entrepreneurs from more than 40 countries around the world.UNPOS -- WE  ARE NOT  THE  SAME.......


  • Indian Mobile Payments Powerhouse Paytm Targets Delivery Market

    Indian Mobile Payments Powerhouse Paytm Targets Delivery Market

    2018-09-04 [ Industry News ]

    Buying groceries is often a cumbersome and unpleasant process. More than a few have wondered why this process can’t be rendered a bit more digital to help speed it up, and indeed, some have done just that. Whether it’s delivery, autonomous car delivery, or just mobile order-ahead for pickup, we’re seeing a lot more digital hit the grocery store lately. Paytm—particularly its ecommerce marketplace Paytm Mall—is working to join that fray itself.The reports suggest that Paytm Mall is connecting to BigBasket, an ecommerce grocery service, to help better compete with Flipkart and Amazon’s offering.......


  • Alibaba To Partner With Russian Companies On eCommerce Endeavor

    Alibaba To Partner With Russian Companies On eCommerce Endeavor

    2018-09-04 [ Industry News ]

    Alibaba is partnering with two Russian companies on an eCommerce venture as it looks to form its digital silk roadacross Eurasia. According to Financial Times, sources reported that Alibaba was close to finalizing a partnership with Russian internet company and sovereign wealth fund Russian Direct Investment Fund (RDIF).“This is an important investment and it is very much part of the digital silk road,” said one Russian participant in the deal.The partnership has been in the works for a while. Last year, Kirill Dmitriev, RDIF’s head, told Russian President Vladimir Putin......


  • Xpress Money Continues Its African Expansion

    Xpress Money Continues Its African Expansion

    2018-09-04 [ Industry News ]

    Xpress Money continues to expand its efforts in Africa as it tries to bring down the high remittance costs in the region, according to a press release.Data shows that Africa is one of the few continents where remittance inflow has surpassed foreign aid and the Official Development Assistance (ODA), with remittances to Sub-Saharan Africa increasing 11.4 percent to reach $38 billion last year. Nigeria is the highest recipient of remittances at $21.9 billion, followed by Senegal and Ghana.The average cost for money transfers in the region, though, stood at 9.07 percent in Q2 2018, ......