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  • This is a different smart POS terminal
  • Happy new year from the UNPOS team, best wishes to all .
  • WeChat Pay Arrives In France

    WeChat Pay Arrives In France

    2017-11-14 [ Company News ]

    Now this is an interesting development; after months of hearing about Alipay’s seemingly unchallenged push to offer familiar mobile payments operations to the growing Chinese tourist class, we see that WeChat Pay is now stepping into the fray. Thanks to a new connection with BNP Paribas, WeChat Pay is now available to French retailers, and will likely expand from there.With WeChat Pay, Chinese tourists—an average of 7.4 million such individuals—will be better able to use a familiar payment tool. Right now, the service will be available at two of the primary stores owned by the Galeries Lafayet......


  • How QR codes are changing e-commerce

    How QR codes are changing e-commerce

    2017-10-23 [ Company News ]

    E-Commerce has long relied on the "card-not-present" payment method. At this point, online consumers can do the routine with their eyes closed: Enter their credit card number and billing address into the website form, flip their card around to key in the security code, and click "Purchase."The QR code – which has had a wild ride  – is going to both speed up the e-commerce payment experience and make it more secure.CNP dangerThe security risks associated with the CNP payment method are well known.Merchants' systems – which store all the informati......


  • Venmo Takes A Push Into B2C With Pay With Venmo

    Venmo Takes A Push Into B2C With Pay With Venmo

    2017-10-19 [ Company News ]

    For a while, Venmo looked like one of the great prospects around, one of the few peer-to-peer (P2P) mobile payments systems around in a market that was so focused on the business to consumer (B2C) market that for a while that’s all anyone thought it could do. As some of the majors scramble to make up the shortfall, Venmo is quietly branching out, and thanks to the newly-minted Pay With Venmo, users can take their emoji-filled payments systems into many common retailers.Essentially, anywhere that accepts PayPal for payment already—around two million retailers, at last report—will now take Pay W......