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  • Hello Kenya ,We are coming!

    Hello Kenya ,We are coming!

    2018-09-08 [ Company News ]

    Overseas market development has always been the company's heavy punch strategy, with excellent product quality, we have provided quality products for overseas gambling industry, utilities, transportation tickets, health insurance, elections, financial services and merchant payment services.UNPOS participated in Seamless, an influential financial industry exhibition in East Africa, which brought together enterprises and entrepreneurs from more than 40 countries around the world.UNPOS -- WE  ARE NOT  THE  SAME.......


  • Bank Negara Malaysia To Introduce Minimum Standards On Mobile Payments

    Bank Negara Malaysia To Introduce Minimum Standards On Mobile Payments

    2018-04-17 [ Company News ]

    Bank Negara Malaysia (BNM) will introduce minimum standards for the nascent but growing area of mobile payments in the upcoming months, following efforts to enhance consumer protection.Governor Tan Sri Muhammad Ibrahim said mobile payment providers would be subjected to disclose their key security features, which included safeguards against malware and protection methods against unauthorised transactions.He said this will allow consumers to compare different providers which will promote greater consumer empowerment for them to make an informed decision.Muhammad, who spoke at the Malaysian E-Pa......


  • This is a different smart POS terminal
  • Happy new year from the UNPOS team, best wishes to all .
  • WeChat Pay Arrives In France

    WeChat Pay Arrives In France

    2017-11-14 [ Company News ]

    Now this is an interesting development; after months of hearing about Alipay’s seemingly unchallenged push to offer familiar mobile payments operations to the growing Chinese tourist class, we see that WeChat Pay is now stepping into the fray. Thanks to a new connection with BNP Paribas, WeChat Pay is now available to French retailers, and will likely expand from there.With WeChat Pay, Chinese tourists—an average of 7.4 million such individuals—will be better able to use a familiar payment tool. Right now, the service will be available at two of the primary stores owned by the Galeries Lafayet......