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UNPOSIs a set of product research and development, production, sales and after-sales as one of the high-tech innovation enterprises, specialized in the industry intelligent terminal equipment and supporting electronic products and some application software system development.

Our team

We have 6 years of Android pos experience and accumulation , over 10 years of IOT embedded terminal hardware work experience. Just to make a good smart pos. 

Our achievements

Our founding team has many years of precipitation in the field of Internet of things, mobile Internet, financial payment, O2O and so on, and has a deep understanding of the traditional industry in the mobile Internet and Internet of Things how to integrate application requirements, the company has always been "continuous innovation as the driving force, Leading to intelligent convenience services "for the mission," market-oriented, customer-centric to continuous innovation "business philosophy to create a" humane, intelligent, open integration "intelligent terminal equipment for mobile communications, finance and insurance, business Tax, social security services, water and electricity cable cable payment, health care, real name system logistics, agricultural products traceability, telecommunications mini business hall, cross-border electricity business, lottery ticket printing , tourist attractions, cinema, catering and entertainment, education and training, intelligent retail Dozens of industries to provide high-quality products and services.

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