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UNPOS is a professional provider focusing on Intelligent Cloud terminals and intelligent hardware solutions. It has more than ten years of experience in the research and development of embedded hardware products and intelligent data collection terminals, and can quickly respond to market demand and develop innovative, practical and cost-effective intelligent hardware products.


Our team

The company's backbone team has many years of precipitation in the fields of Internet of things, mobile Internet, financial payment, o2o, intelligent medical care, artificial intelligence, etc., and has a deep understanding of how traditional industries integrate application needs in the era of mobile Internet and Internet of things. The company always takes "continuous innovation as the driving force, leading the intelligent convenient service" as its mission, "market-oriented, customer-centered, and continuous innovation" as the enterprise concept to create a "humanized, intelligent, open and integrated" intelligent terminal equipment.



Our achievements

For mobile communications, financial insurance, industrial and commercial tax, social security and convenience services, water, electricity and gas cable TV payment, medical and health care, real name logistics, face recognition, human card integration, agricultural products traceability, telecom Mini business hall, lottery betting, tourist attractions, cinemas, gas stations, catering and entertainment, biometrics, smart campus, smart medical, smart cultural tourism, smart zero Dozens of industries such as sales provide high-quality products and services.



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